Construction Workers on Lunch Break
Workers in a Factory

It is obvious by the evidence of these pictures that America's workers are at risk for serious

injury, and even death. The top picture shows eleven workers sitting hundreds of feet above
ground level eating their lunch on a small beam. The picture below shows a team of factory workers leaning over dangerous machinery. Their aprons dangle helplessly above the printer, threatening to pull them in.

Perhaps some of the most shocking and horrible deaths are related to unsafe working conditions.

Immigrants and Dangerous Jobs

Chinese Immigrant Rail Road Workers

Although Americans are at high risk for injury or death due to dangerous working conditions, most of the unsafe jobs are assigned to immigrant workers. These jobs included Steal Making, Construction of Skyscrapers, and of course Rail Road Construction. Each year about one fourth of the all immigrant workers lost their lives due to the dangers of such jobs. Typically (as the picture above that shows) Chinese immigrants worked on the railroads, including handling very dangerous explosives to blow passage ways into the sides of mountains so that railroad tracks could be built through the mountain; rather than over it.

Immigrants were hired mostly because employers didn't have to pay them hardly anything for very long 10-12 hour work hours a day. Perhaps the long hours were most uncomfortable in the dark, hot factories full of other immigrants working hazardous machinery. Many workers suffered from broken fingers, severed limbs, and even lost their lives while working in the factories. Probably, others would agree that it would not be worth risking our lives to be paid two cents and hour.

President Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt (26th President of the United States) was born in 1858, and was elected as president in 1901 at age 42. As a child, Teddy was homeschooled and took an interest in nature. Later, he attended Harvard where he took an interest in naval affairs. It was only after he graduated that he was elected to the "New York State Assembly" as it's youngest member. Slowly, Theodore Roosevelt made his way from Governer, to Vice President, and eventually President of the United States (1901-1909). On October 14, of 1912, Roosevelt was a victim of a attemted Assassination Attack, when saloonkepper named John Schrank shot him in the chest. But gave his 90 minute speech that was rightfully schedualed for that day anyway, before going to the hospitle.