Workplace SafetyMarch 25, 1911
ac40[1].gifAs I gaze up at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory and see the building scarred with the fire I think...
Just hours before women were working in there, completely unaware of their dreadful fate, unaware that they will be caught in a devastating fire. They are thinking they will get to see their families when they get home but one hundred forty-six women never saw their families again.
Bodies of Women who Jumped out of the burning Factory

I think that just minutes before a fire broke out, it started slow, and it could have been stopped. I think of the doors opening inward causing a pile-up trying to get out the door. I think of the lack of being able to communicate to be able to tell the women on the other floors of the danger that was coming to them. They didn't have a chance to try to escape. Then the striking thought that the fire escape was locked crosses my mind and I am speechless. The fire escape that is used i case of a fire was locked, leaving a hundred girls without a way out. Then I think of the ladder that the fire department has wasn't tall enough to reach them on the eighth floor. The tallest ladder in New York couldn't reach the helpless girls.
Then the heart wrenching thought that just moments before girls were left with the sickening decision to either jump out the window and plunge to their death or stay in the building and burn to death.

The Triangle Shirt Waist factory is just one example of how the lack of safety in workplaces, is a huge life threatening problem. Buildings are being built taller then a ladder can rea
Fire Escape
ch, fire escapes aren't safe, buildings are being over packed with workers and people.
Some solutions that have been thought of are obvious, but others are more subtle. The subtlest of all the solutions are having doors open outwards instead of in. This will increase the safety of workplaces by enabling the door to open more quickly and not have to be held open as people go through them. They do not have to be pulled open they can just be pushed, so in case of emergency everyone can just run through the doors pushing them open as they go. One of the most obvious solutions is to make sure that in case of fire buildings are more safe. Such as more then one way out, making sure that fire escapes are easily accessible and in working order. Also to make sure that the in case of a fire there is a way that people can be rescued if the fire escape fails, for example having a tall enough ladder for the people in danger to come down. Also, not packing buildings so tightly full of people. In my opinion, a person's life is much more valuable that extreme productivity. If there were less people in the building when danger occurs there will be less people to get out. Also sprinkler systems are to be installed to help put out a fire if it starts.
Workers On a Beam with no Safety Equipment

Not only in buildings is the workplace dangerous, but outside the building it is extremely unsafe, almost more so then inside. Having people climb up beams and stay up hundreds of feet in the air without any safety equipment. Immigrants that work in the city are often sent to help build skyscrapers. They balance unattatched to anything as they try to build the tallest buildings in New York. This is not only safe, it is not fair to workers to have to risk their lives to make a small amount of money to keep food on their table.

President Woodrow Wilson

Progressive Era
Woodrow Wilson was the twenty- eighth president of the United states. His impact on the Progressive Era was rather large. He was fighting for a strongrt central government,
President Woodrow Wilson
anti-legislation and labor rights. He promised to reintroduce competition to the marketplace by destorying monopolistic economic trusts. People began to think that his actions began to resemble the regulated monopoly of Theodore Roosevelt. A few trusts were destroyed in his time that he served. He created a federal trade commision, Wilson lowered the tariff. He also introduced income tax and instituted the Federal Reserve System to reform the national economy.

Connection to Today

Today all buildings have fire escapes that are easily accessible, also there are sprinklers in every room in every building. Buildings are made to be easy to exit in case of emergency. All doors open outwards allowing people to get out of the building quickly. The solutions to the workplace safety problems have revolutionized workplace safety today. This is the reason that people are safe when they go to work.