Women Suffrage
Women suffrage was a time when women were denied basic rights. For example the right to vote. They believed that they had earned their right to vote because they could do everything a man could do like work. They believed that the culture had changed and that they didn’t need to just stay home watch the kids and tend to the house. During the period of woman’s suffrage the family size had declined from what it had been at before so it made the need for women to stay home.This although changed during the woman suffrage period from 1890-1920. These woman wanted the right to vote and such to be extended to them without having special requirements like property ownership. They also wanted to be able to run for offices.There were several countries in the world during this period that already gave women the right to vote like Sweden. Eventually woman rights groups came together and asked for votes for women but they did not receive these votes until 1920
Presidential snapshot
President Wilson had a fairly large impact on woman’s suffrage because he said that he was fighting world war one for democracy. The woman’s rights activists then asked him that if he was really fighting for democracy then why did he oppose woman being able to vote. He finally gave into them and made a pro suffrage speech and soon after women were given the right to vote.
Present day connection
If it was not for the end of woman suffrage things would be a lot different. Think about it no Hillary Clinton no Sarah Palin no Susan Collins or Olympia Snow. women would not be nearly as equal in the workplace or anywhere if it was not for this period. Overall if it was not for this period woman’s rights would not be nearly the same