Prohibition January 28th, 1920

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America is in a state of progression and all of the United States problems relate to alcohol abuse Alcohol; Causes crime, corruption, social problems, and the lack of health and hygiene These problems can all be stopped by Prohibition (prohibiting alcohol) on January 16th, 1920 Prohibition was added into the constitution. The United States expected to greatly benefit from this new law. Crime rates were expected to have a tremendous drop, as well as lowered taxes, and Americans health and hygiene would greatly improve.

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The Prohibition law was ended on January 17th, 1933. Today alcohol is used throughout the world. (laws varyin
g from country to country) In the United States alone there are currently an estimated 11 million 5 hundred deaths from alcohol every 13 years, compaired the 10 million people who died during the prohibition period (1920- 1933). This shows no matter if alcohol is legal or not there's still going to be problems that the government can't solve.
When the 18th Amendment was put into the constitution, protests like the one shown above became of the norm.

Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson was a reformer. He outlawed child-labor, established an 8 hour work day, and founded bursting trusts, He created the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve System. He also brings the concept of a strong central government into the Democratic Party.