Prohibition January 28th, 1920
When the 18th Amendment was put into the constitution, protests like the one shown above became of the norm.

All in Favor of Prohibition!!!
Bar owners like the ones shown above were forced to dump out all their alcohol during the prohibition era.

Essentially all of he United States problems are based upon alcohol. Alcohol causes crime and corruption, social problems, high taxes needed to support prisons and poorhouses, and lastly Americans health and hygiene just don't seem to matter when alcohol is present which causes excessive death and disease.

These problems are all going to diminish due to "Prohibition" or the act of prohibiting alcohol. Prohibition was added into the constitution as the 18th amendment on January 16th, 1920. The United States will greatly benefit from new law in several ways. Crime rates will have a tremendous drop, lowered taxes, and Americans health and hygiene will greatly improve.

 President Wilson at Work
President Woodrow Wilson is a reformer. He recently established an 8 hour work day, outlawed child-labor, and founded bursting trusts, upon others laws and terriffs. He made the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve System, and created bits and pieces of American foreign policy. He also serves as the liberal link between Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt, bringing the concept of a strong central government into the Democratic Party.

President Wilson uses tariff, currency, and anti-trust laws to get the economy working.

Alcohol & Today
 The 18th amendment or prohibition law was ended on January 17th, 1933. Today alcohol is widley used throughout the world,although laws vary from country to country. Also in the United States alone there are currently an estimated 11 million 5 hundred deaths every 13 years compaired the 10 million people who died from drinking, during the prohibition period (1920- 1933). This shows wether alcohol is legal or illegal there are going to be problems that the government cannot solve alone.

When prohibition was put into effect there were "bootleggers" people who sold and transported alcohol like the ones shown above.

During the prohibition period many Women Rights Groups like the one shown above would gather to show their support of the 18th amendment.