Food consumptionIntro Paragraph There are many ills of the food industry that must be exposed! Dangerous chemicals are being used to make food look good to eat. Odd meats including rats are being put into sausage. Food is being prepared in the worst conditions imaginable. There must be reform or we will all suffer. There must be a part of the government that deals with food regulations.
Justin Bieber at a contaminated meat factory.

This is a film that shows what is wrong with the food industry today.
Meat that is being poorly handled.
Meat was hung out for days after it had spoiled.

A book exposing the meat packing industry.

Jordan at a recent trip to the b

The solution we came up with was the Food and Drug Administration. This part of the government puts regulation on food and established consequences for all who did not comply.

President Taft

As a president, William Taft got rid of trusts and monopolies altogether. This was a great improvement because it improved quality and prices for the consumer because there was now competition and no longer did one company control every aspect of an industry. This is extemely important because it stopped the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Connection to Today

Although there are many regulations in the food industry today, people still do horrible things to food. Most of us have eaten vegetables that have been chemically altered to be resistant to pesticides or just to make them bigger. This leads to things such as ecoli. Meat is raised in disgusting factory farms where animals are mistreated. Cows are kept living in their own filth and even occasionally eating each other which leads to mad cow disease.
The food industry has never been or will never be completely clean.