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During the Progressive Era many things have taken a drastic downfall. As a member of the middle class I have seen firsthand the “ills” of the American Society thus pertaining to the results of both urbanization and industrialization. The problem during this time period is that more and more people are moving in to more urbanize an industrialized area. This leads to more resources are being used at such a fast rate that they can’t be produced fast enough! Sense cities have become more industrialized resources are needed at a bigger and faster rate, which then leads to competition between companies for these natural resources. Basically each company uses various amounts of need resources like wood, animal products, etc and by the end of the company’s career those resources won’t be there to use anymore for other businesses or even for the wildlife to live off of. Also the movement into the cities and urbanized countries create a problem with the over use of natural resources that this earth provides! The overall development of private lands kills off the wildlife and the wild land on which the animals live on. All this new development leads to the citizen’s new dependency on wood and animal products. The overall serious problem caused by urbanization and industrialization is the overuse the Earth’s natural resources at a rate that is not necessary.
Solutions pertaining to the overuse of the Earth’s natural resources would be overall conservation of raw and natural materials/ resources. The setting aside of natural resources will prevent damage caused by human activities such as mining, logging, hunting and much more. To secure the use of resources regulations and laws will have to be enacted for the preservation of the natural materials. During the Progressive Era there where many conservation clubs/acts that took and lead a big role on the Expansion/Conservation of National Parks. Such clubs/acts are: The Forest Reserve Act which set aside 17.5 million acres of land to secure them from overuse. This law allowed the President to set aside forest reserves from the public domain. Another act would be the Land Revision Act 1891. This revision act gave the president authority to reserve any part of the public lands. The president has power to reserve it if it is fully or partly cover the land whether it’s of commercial value or not! These two Reserve acts help keep resources secure with these reservations. The Sierra Club 1892 was founded as one of the well-known conservationist and preservationist clubs. The clubs mission was to protect and respect the Earth and its wild places. This would promote and practice responsible use of the Earths ecosystem (resources). The Sierra Club’s other mission was to educate supported on how to restore an protect the condition of the natural/human environment; by using lawful means to carry out these practical objectives. These three acts/clubs helped out our environment from being used up of all its resources. They where a big help if we didn’t have them there would be virtually none today! So the Expansion/conservation of national parks did good to our environment and to this Earth by securing its goods.
During the Progressive Era Teddy Roosevelt was the nation’s political leader. He took leader ship in many movements and events. Such as the Progressive Movement and the Progressive Party which was shortly lived. One of Teddy Roosevelt’s major accomplishments relating to the Progressive Era would be the “Square Deal”. The “Square Deal” was formed upon three ideas. They were conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. The “Square Deal” was aimed at helping the middle class citizens and attacked the plutocracy and bad trust(monopolies). And in the mean time the “Square Deal” protected businesses from the high demands of organized labor. Teddy Roosevelt wanted equality in the work place and wanted both sides of any dispute to be treated fairly. In businesses the executive agencies have sought out the good and bad trusts. The bad trusts had to go while the good trust will be enforced. With certain enforcements being put in charge, other changes had to be made. So the “square Deal” also enforces fair bargaining between consumers and citizens, also the reduction of inequality as well. This deal was Teddy Roosevelt’s approach used for major and minor social problems, and he never favored any American group that was his policy. This was to show that he didn’t treat both sides of a dispute diff, but equally by not choosing or favoring any! This Deal helps defeat the issue of inequality.
The expansion and conservation of National Parks was one of the best things that could have happened to this Earth during the progressive Era. Today in the United States and The whole world are benefiting from the conservation of land that is called a National Park today. If there were no National Parks there would be absolutely no resources to this day! This because if there were no rules and regulations on resource use they would be all gone and they would be used up by the time that it reached the 21st century. The overuse of resources was getting out of hand so the National Park expansion did the United states good so that today in the 21st century we now have a plentiful amount of resources that we can live off of for a while. And if we the population falls back into the same way of overuse more regulations should be enforced again to conserve the resources once again.

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John Muir Concervation
John Muir Concervation
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