Crowded cities
John Muir founder of the Sierra Club
tenement housing
Yosemite National Park
Sierra club
President Wilson

Our land

The mass quantities of immigrants were making cities bigger and more crowded. Eventually, they will move and form new cities. With people looking for gold, new homes, and jobs, places that will become national or state parks were in danger of being made into cities. The cities of today as we all know are filthy, crowded, and extremely dirty and they would destroy the natural wildlife and land.

On August 25, 1916, President Wilson created the national parks system, when he signed the National Parks Service Organic Act. This act made sure parks were preserved to protect wildlife, the land, and to make these areas accessible to visitors. Also the parks were a heritage to preserve for our future generations. They were areas of immense beauty and were places worth preserving. They are areas such as Yosemite National Park, Everglades National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verda.

Not only are these parks preserving the land and animals and for visitors, they were for education, preserving cultural heritage, and recreation. Tourism brings in revenue. These areas have a lot of people working and receiving jobs in them. They protect the wildlife, reserves of minerals, timber, the water is clean and untainted in these areas and are relatively unaffected by the pollution of the cities.

The Sierra Club was founded by John Muir, who has worked at Yosemite National Park for at least a decade. HIs club was created to help make the Sierra region more accessible and known to people. They were incorporated “to explore, enjoy, and render accessible the mountain regions of the west Pacific Coast; to publish authentic information concerning them and to enlist the support and the cooperation of the government and people in preserving the forests and other natural features of the Sierra Nevada." It was "these three purposes, recreation, education, and conservation that constituted the club's motives, means, and final objective." this club has helped to preserve national or state parks, provide people to fight for the parks and new parks. They provide maps and are a strong fighter in preserving our parks.

The presidents, congress, and the Sierra Club are greatly responsible for protecting our national, state and reserve parks. They have all fought and made it easier to keep our parks clean. It is because of these people that our heritage will live on in these parks. We should be thanking them for keeping the dirtiness and pollution from cities from destroying these places. Thank you to all who have and those who continue to protect our land.

Our President

President Woodrow Wilson is one of the progressive era presidents, along with President Teddy Roosevelt and President William Taft. Wilson has had many accomplishments in his term. Wilson's three major accomplishments were ratifying the sixteenth amendment, the Underwood Act, and the Federal Reserve Act.

The sixteenth amendment allowed Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on a state census results. Basically they get a percentage of paycheck from work, for example. This amendment called for the state and government to be able to tax the money that you make. The Underwood Act was to reimpose the federal income tax and lowered the basic tariff rates from 40% to 20%. President Wilson signed this into law on October 3, 1913. President Wilson also signed into law the Federal Reserve Act. This act created the central banking system and granted them the authority to allow them to issue legal tender (money).
These are only some of his accomplishments. Wilson has also signed the National Park Organic Act on August 25, 1916. The Clayton Anti-trust Act of 1914, Adamson Act of 1916, and the Fair Trade Commission of 1914 were all accomplishments of our president, Woodrow Wilson.


Today we have our national parks and all the land due to the progressive era and all those people who saved our land. I have been to state parks that if they hadn't been saved, i would not have been able to visit these places. No one would have.