Child Labor

Headline article: I have found that Child Labor. Is a epidemic in our country. The laws that we are not being followed. When the inspectors come to these factories the children that are working are hidden from the inspectors so it looks as if they are following the laws. So when it is said that child labor is decreasing, it's all a lie. These children are much to young to be working never-mind the fact that they are using knives. Also these children are put into great danger when fixing a machine. These children are always in danger and they make very little money. Most of these children get cut up and are missing finger and maybe even limbschild-labor_7866.jpg.Child_labor_1.jpgwoodrow-wilson_114094t[1].jpg

Presidental Article: Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president. He was a reformer during the Progressive Era, and he established an eight hour work day and outlawed child labor. He also brought the concept of a strong central government into the Democratic party. He becomes somewhat like a father figure to 20th century liberalism.child_jfhu.jpeg child_labor4.jpg
Child Labor Today: Even today there in still Child Labor. In China, there is a lot of child labor. It is against the law for children under the age of 16 to work in China. There is this law but still almost 20 million children are working in factories everyday. Many of these children are young girls working to help their families because their parents make low income or are unemployed. These children are still working because the Chinese law prohibiting them from working is poorly enforced, kind of like how it used to be in the United States. The children can get these jobs by obtaining fake papers. These papers have false ages.