Child Labor December 14th, 1892

Headline Article: How young is too young to work?
Why would people make nearly two million children work in such dangerous conditions as they did during the Progressive Era? During the Progressive Era children made up six percent of America’s labor force. How old were these children? Children as little as five years old contributed wages to their families income. Were the work conditions safe? The work conditions were extremely unsafe, conditions left many children ill, injured, deformed and sometimes killed. Many families put their children to work because they were in poverty and their money provides medicine, and food for themselves and their siblings. Workdays normally lasted from dawn to sunset, with long hours in winter resulting in a 68-72 hour work week. The factories children worked in were often dark and damp. The working children had no time to go to school, play or rest often resulting in the children becoming ill. What is the solution? My solution would be helping the families who need financial help, and passing laws to only allow people 18 and older to work in factories or dangerous conditions.

Children working in dangerous factory

Presidential Snapshot:
Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president. He was a
reformer during the Progressive Era, and he established
an eight hour work day and outlawed child labor. He also
brought the concept of a strong central government into the
Democratic party. He becomes somewhat like a father figure to
the 20th century liberalism.

Two children working in a dangerous

A poor mother with her child.

A little girl working outside with no shoes on.

A little kid who was working
and got hurt.

Is there still Child Labor today?!
This may be shocking but even with laws passed to eliminate Child Labor, in foreign countries and in America it still exists. Around the world there is about 250 million children working. In most cases the children still work in dangerous conditions and doesn't have time for school or rest. But there are many other cases where the children work in good conditions and make time for rest and education. Many organizations are trying to fight Child Labor worldwide. Lets hope we can stop it!