Child Labor in the 1800's. (December/14/10)

Child collecting things for factory.
Children working in a mill.

Headline Article: How much work is too much work for Children?

The problem is, that children are being forced into work, at very young ages to help support their families as well as supply business with cheap needed labor. The solution was they came up with child labor laws and education laws.... Children are working twelve hour workdays and not going to school. The children are getting a few dollars a week, older boys would get around four to five dollars per week. These Children are working in unsafe places, and with dangerous tools. Some children were injured, had illness and some were even killed. The children have to work on machineary while it's still running because, emplyers refuse to shut down the equiptment and lose money, which was very dangerous. Also they work in small cramped spaces and have to fix things in these spaces because, they have tiny features able to maneuver through things and such. Young boys and girls are being given knives and other tools to use and they are accidentily cutting off fingers and injuring themselves. During the porogressive era children made up six percent of americas work force.Working is not a good idea for children.

Boys bringing in wood.

Young boy holding up sign for a factory

Presidential "snapshot"

William Taft was the 27th president of the united states and a president during the progressive era. He was handpicked by roosevelt.taft supported Roosevelts "Square Deal" Policy, that attempted to make a balance between Employers and Employees along with a balance between conservatives and progressives.
Children bringing in cotton.

Child Labor in our world today;

There are still some places, in the world today that have child labor. Such as China, America and other countries. Around the world there are about 250million children working. Focusing in on China where child labor is a major social problem, children are an abundant source of labor there. Benefits of children working, that keeps child labor around, is they're cheaper, more obedient and they can maneveur easily in cramped and small work spaces. There are laws, compulsory Education law of the chinese constitution says that all children under sixteen must go to school and our not allowed to hold a full time job, yet this is rarely prevents private owned commercial or industrial firms from hiring children. About ten percent of children have full time jobs instead of going to school and children make up ten to twenty percent of the workforce for China. In many situations work is viewed as more beneficial than school. Many poor families will send their children to work because, thy can not afford to give their children an education and the child is helping to support the family at the same time. Also some parents see schools as not teaching their children skills that will provide immediate or realistic advantages. China and it's government mainly views child labor as one way to combat poverty and it therefore, rarely does anything to prevent it. Companies are more worried about thir investments than their workers, and their haven't been any convincing signs that this will improve.